FairCoin (FAIR)

Faircoin is a 99.99% Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency. There is a pre-mine of 50 million that has been distributed out during the airdrop on March 6th and 8th of 2014. Each address could claim 1000 Faircoins per hour during the airdrop.


ANN: Semux - 100% new codebase, delegated BFT consensus algorithm.

FairCoin Price Chart

FairCoin Profile

Market Cap $14422629
Supply 53193831 FAIR
Genesis Date March 4, 2014
Website http://fair-coin.org/
Explorers https://chain.fair-coin.org/chain/FairCoin
Reddit /r/faircoin
Twitter @FairCoinTeam

Last Update: 2018-07-22 04:57:17 EDT