Feathercoin (FTC)

Feathercoin is an altcoin that was created based off Litecoin. There will be 336 million Feathercoins ever created as of the current design. The block reward is set at 80 Feathercoins per block and the block confirmation time averages 1 minute. Feathercoin ... more


ANN: Semux - 100% new codebase, delegated BFT consensus algorithm.

Feathercoin Price Chart

Feathercoin Profile

Market Cap $17219763
Supply 206914680 FTC
Genesis Date April 16, 2013
Website http://feathercoin.com
Explorers http://explorer.feathercoin.com/
Reddit /r/feathercoin
Twitter @feathercoin

Last Update: 2018-07-17 12:05:18 EDT