Ixcoin (IXC)

iXcoin is one of the first Bitcoin clone created on 7 May 2011 just a few weeks after Namecoin. iXcoin will reach maturity about 18 years before Bitcoin. By mid-2013, the number of iXcoin and Bitcoin will reach parity for a brief moment. iXcoin switched to ... more


ANN: Semux - 100% new codebase, delegated BFT consensus algorithm.

Ixcoin Price Chart

Ixcoin Profile

Market Cap $2772039
Supply 20999088 IXC
Genesis Date May 7, 2011
Website http://ixcoin.info
Explorers https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ixc/
Reddit /r/ixcoin
Twitter @Ixcoin

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