Quark (QRK)

Quarkcoin is a coin which increases security by using 9 rounds of hashing from 6 different hashing algorithms - blake, bmw, grøstl, JH, keccak, skein. 3 of the hashing rounds apply a random hashing function. This compares with Bitcoin's solitary use of ... more


ANN: Semux - 100% new codebase, delegated BFT consensus algorithm.

Quark Price Chart

Quark Profile

Market Cap $1750938
Supply 255740158 QRK
Genesis Date July 21, 2013
Website http://www.qrknet.info/
Explorers https://bitinfocharts.com/quarkcoin/explorer/
Reddit /r/QuarkCoin
Twitter @coingecko

Last Update: 2018-07-22 04:49:16 EDT